Blog vs. Blog

Part 1: Reviews of 10 blogs I visited for this assignment

I loved the colors and theme of this blog page. The calm colors made it appear very inviting and the images helped grab my attention. I also liked how at the very top of the home page it provided information about the creator of the blog.

This blog had a similar color scheme to the one created by Julie Dillon, which I thought was interesting because they both shared information about the same topic; PCOS. I really like how this blogs home page had a block format with pictures and some text to lay out all of the posts they have created. This layout makes this blog very easy to navigate.

Fitness on Toast is a blog that has a very crisp and clean layout. With bold black text and a white background, the viewer is drawn to the pictures related to each blog, which I think is a great idea! Something that I didn’t like about this blog, however, was that it included various posts not related to fitness and health goals. I thought some of their posts were off topic of what was described in the “about” section.

After looking through this blog, I found it very interesting the way this company set up their website. Their blogs include posts from professionals about cancer, as well as stories from cancer patients, which I loved! Providing both technical and personal things into a blog is a great idea and I believe I have accomplished this by the topics I choose to cover in the blog assignments.

13 Ways I Live On the Edge

This blog from WordPress is HILARIOUS! The author creates posts that are so entertaining, they are addictive. The font used helps catch the readers eye and create an inviting environment. The author also uses familiar images in her posts making it easy for the reader to connect with her thoughts, which I think is genius.

Waltzing with whims is a WordPress blog site that focuses on life with dogs. I enjoyed the humor this author included in website but found it hard to navigate. The author does not have any drop down menus to help you navigate the site and the background is a little boring just featuring one color as the theme photo.

Taste Tequila blog has all the information about tequila you could ever want, organized in a very eye-catching matter. This blog as the menu items of the sites various features going down the left side with snippets of each blog in the center of the page. This layout is different from all of the other blogs I have viewed making it stand out to me.

The layout of this blog is very sophisticated and clean. Each recipe has a small and large picture attached with some content making it very easy to find what you are searching for. I enjoyed how accessible all of the information was on this blog, as every post had multiple places to click that would send you to a recipe well as a navigation bar at the top to help you find what you needed.

To me, this blog is too crowded. At the home page, all of the information is just thrown at you on the top of the page. Although the pictures, color scheme, and font all work well with the idea of fashion, the website as a whole does not work for me. This crowded design is something that I will not be doing to my website.

This fashion blog is clean yet interesting to look at. The more modern design helps build the authors integrity of being fashionable before you even start to read her posts. I also loved that her top image and text changed every couple of seconds, helping grab the readers attention to stay on her site and find out more.

Overall, the blogs that I looked at mostly had clean and easy to navigate layouts. All but one of them had some sort of navigation toolbox to help the viewer navigate the website and find exactly what they were looking for. After looking through all of these blogs, I will make the images for each of my blogs unique to help differentiate between them, which  is something I noticed from all of the other cites.

Part 2: Personal blog reflection

Something that I realized after looking at the other blogs is the need for including unique images for each of my separate posts. This small addition will help my readers get an understanding of my blogs before they read them as well as help my readers to be more engaged with my website. I also found that my navigation bar is easy to follow on my website and helps my readers differentiate between the blog posts that were required for this class and the assignments. I also realized that sometimes less is more when it comes to blogs; you don’t want to make your reader overwhelmed when looking at your website. I believe that I have accomplished this with my blog.

Part 3: My 5 changes

The first change I made to my blog was providing more information about myself on the home page. This is something that really stood out to me about Julie Dillion’s blog; you found out right away who she was and why she was a creating her blog. To implement this changes, I added more information to my home page caption and included a picture of myself to let my readers know who I was.

The second change I made to my blog was adding a unique picture for each of my blogs to help set them apart. Adding pictures to each blogs preview helps grab the readers attention and let them know what it is I will be discussing in that particular post. Adding different images also helps create a more interesting website.

The third change I made to my blog was adding each of my class assignments in either PDF form or directly into my website, depending on if the formatting will ruined by adding it directly to my site. Originally I just had links to each of my various class assignments because adding them directly to my website was not ideal for formatting purposes. However, I see that directing people to my google drive is not an ideal situation. Making these available will help to improve the user friendliness of my blog.

The fourth change I made to my blog was altering my home image size. Originally, this image was pretty big and took up most of the screen, leading to my readers having to scroll down a bit to get to the actual information about my blog. Making this image smaller makes it easier for people to view the information on the home page as well as decrease the distractions on the home page.

The final change I made to my website was adding more sections and subsections to each of my blog posts. This change was done to help my reader better see what exactly I was going to be talking about in my blogs. Adding sections also helped me split up my information to make it easier for people to follow.

Part 4: Conclusion

The changes I have made to my blog will help the reader to better navigate my website. They will now be able to get a glimpse at the content of each post before reading it by adding sections and pictures to my posts. Adding these things to my website help to make my site more interesting and dynamic, which is something that it was missing. These improvements will also help the functionality of my site as the reader won’t be directed to outside sources to find my assignments. Also, including more information about myself on my blog will help my reader connect with me, which is something that I have been trying to accomplish this semester with the topics I have chosen. I know have a blog that will stand out a little more compared to my initial launch. It’s blog versus blog, and I’m going to win.





4 thoughts on “Blog vs. Blog

  1. Andraya, nice post!
    I like that you thought outside the box and visited posts from outside our class for a fresh new glance. Clever! I like your reflection too, but I also didn’t want to go and edit my blog any more or make any changes because I have spent the entire semester editing and fine-tuning my blog. I don’t want to change it because it reflects my work and progression over the semester.


  2. spverdin

    Hey Andraya,
    Great post, gave a lot of thought into what you could do to refine how you want to be perceived through your blog. Excellent choice to view blogs outside of the classroom. Good amount of them are interesting and had me checking them out. Keep on keeping on, have a good holiday. Steff


  3. I agree with you that “less is more” on the web. Eye-catching elements like card-style links and huge graphics are really useful for certain kinds of websites (recipes for instance), but for one like this, I think a streamlined look is a more reader-friendly choice. I think it was smart of you to reduce how much your readers have to click and scroll to get to your content. People are more likely to read things they can see without much effort. Pasting your assignments in is a good way to help that!


  4. I love the title of your post. I think it captures the challenge of what we had to write about. I think your site is very organized initially. Yours was one, along with a few others, that gave me the ideas of what I needed to change and add to mine to make it more efficient and appealing. I liked that you had your About Me information on the Home page. The tagline you included about advancing your education and career with this site was spot on. Great Job.


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